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Drake and Sneakbo

The reason to why Drake made a shout out to Sneakbo has now been revealed. Drake’s concert which is coming up soon needs an opening act…Can you guess who it is? No, it’s not Ash Catch’em, it’s Sneakbo! After coming out of jail, Sneakbo has decided to follow the ‘good life’ and now he has been able to work with Drake…Sneakbo is coming up in the music industry.

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Another Win For Chelsea

Woohoo! Chelsea defeats Manchester City 2-1! Hopefully my team (Chelsea) will come out victorious at the end of this all…I’m not much of a football fan but from time to time I still enjoy matches especially if it’s Chelsea playing. 

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Lil Mix V.S Marcus [XFactor]

Lil Mix have been announced as the first group to win xFactor. Their mentor, Tulisa from a group called N-Dubz, was very delighted about taking care of the winning group and she had a lot of faith in them. I do feel sorry for Lil Mix though because a current theme that pops up in xfactor is that the person in second place is usually more well known and has a better career than the actual winner. Maybe as being the first group to win, Lil Mix will break this curse that has been placed on xFactor.

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What’s Going on In The NBA

I’m hearing stories about so many different trades happening this year. Apparently there will be a three-team trade in which Chris Paul moves to the Lakers and not the Knicks, Pau Gasol to the Rockets and Lamar Odom, Kevin Martin, Luis Scola and Goran Dragic to the Hornets. Both Lamar Odom and Pau Gasol are quite devastated with what’s going on and are feeling confused about the whole situation in general. Chris Paul may be feeling confused as well because the Deal, after arising again two years later, was supposed to be off but instead it wasn’t. So right about now, contracts are being finalised for Chris Paul’s move to the Lakers.

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Manchester United Lost

It’s been a great day so far but nothing tops what I just saw now! Manchester United lost their match and have now been kicked out of the Champions League along with Manchester City! Chelsea are still hanging tight so i’m hoping to see them rise above and be in the lead throughout the rest of the season.

By the way, this video isn’t the match from today.

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MotiVe! TopBoy Spoof

These guys never fail to make me laugh! Topboy tune with humour, mad instrumental, hard bars…what more do you need?

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Goodbye Misha B

Another sad story tonight. Misha B has left X Factor even though she was the best act on the show this year. Although she had been in the bottom 2 previously, her talent was misjudged by the audience and the judges. After a feud with Tulisa, things were supposed to be better but unfortunately they weren’t. Well, life goes on, if Misha B continues with her music then she may get signed.

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